Smooth As Satin

Smooth As Satin

Genre: All Sex, Anal

Director: Frank Thring
Studio: Hustler

Scene 1. Alissa, Kelli, Nick Lang
Scene 2. Tiffany Diamond, Darren James, Steve Hooper
Scene 3. Alissa, Kelli
Scene 4. Tera Bond, Frank Thring
Scene 5. Alicia Rhodes, Daphnye, Tiffany Diamond, James Brossman
Scene 6. Alicia Rhodes, Daphnye, Tera Bond, Tiffany Diamond, Vanda Vitus, Darren James, Lee Henshaw, Steve Hooper

In this movie, nice girls do the dirty! When a traveling dance group is robbed, the gorgeous hoofers have to use their feminine wiles to get back on track. This feature-length presentation is chock-full of exotic, international locations and first class hardcore action! Feel all the mindblowing orgasms firsthand!

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01:22:45 28-08-2003 607 views